About taylor1293

As you skim through my photos you will notice hows nearly every signature is different. Some are typed, some are handwritten using a finger on my computer, and some are written with a pen. That is how you know these are all originals. Very few of these photos are edited using a photoshop app.

I will be the first to admit that my photos aren't the best. I take photos to capture a moment that I want to look back on. I hope to share these with you as a start to something I love to do. Most of these photos posted here are landscape, nature, sunset/sunrise. I got my inspiration by capture the natural views of life not the pretend beauty of photoshop. I will never or rarely post people photos, although there is one or two that show people from my travels to Florida but only because people made the photo, and I knew none of them.

Enjoy viewing, if you find a photo you like or love please comment below and let me know!